Our goal is a successful match every time

Scouting for a seasonal workforce   <->  Serving the Traveling Showmen

Michael & Michele Stevens

Our Solution

Midway Match team scouts from the states and U.S. territories recruiting midway talent because the showmen have a show to run and we have a service to provide. We do the sifting and sorting, qualifying job seekers for the positions available. Those that clear the screening process, have a positive mental attitude, qualifying as a Midway Match,based on your needs, are provided an employment opportunity by you, with transportation arrangements to get to the job site according to your plan.

Our Founders

Midway Match was inspired by Michael & Michele Stevens, 4th generation in the industry, with the input of many other first class showmen due to the challenges showmen are experiencing in the local and international labor markets. Midway Match will provide the traveling entertainment industry the very best in a seasonal U.S. workforce, LONG TERM!

We are in Puerto Rico For Job Interviews! • • • Estamos en Puerto Rico para las entrevistas de trabajo Ahora! • • • We are in El Paso and Las Vegas For Job Interviews! • • •